Herb Parker - Self Portrait


My nature-based installations speak in a hybrid language from three distinct realms: architecture, sculpture and landscape. The ideas revolve around time, movement, history, culture, community, dialogue, spirituality, entropy and regeneration. The architectonic situations I create have recurring motifs that include; sanctuary, the labyrinth, the golden ratio, and a place for dialogue.

A dichotomy exists between mans’ attempt to dominate nature and a subliminal primacy inherent in mankind as a component of the natural order. This body of work, which began in the late-seventies, employs an archaic formalism that establishes a cultural and historical involvement with the landscape. My initial impetus for this work was a more conceptual systems manipulation. As the work evolved the idea of passage, both the physicality of traveling through and interacting with the work as well as the transcendental concept, involving time and materials, gained prominence.